1. Introduction

a) Products and services provided over online store system (hereinafter called “site”) are included in the seller’s area of expertise and these terms of use are applied to each service from which every real person and legal entity (hereinafter called as “user”) gets benefited from the site by payment or without a charge. Each customer accessing the site in any way is deemed to accept these terms of use.

b) Within the terms of use, the user is identified as the person who carries out a transaction with a special and personal objective. Contractor is an individual, incorporate and/or private partnership which carries out legal transaction with the seller without implementing any legal or individual transaction with online store system.

c) Any kind of conflict which may arise related to terms of use makes all kinds of user agreement drawn up between seller and user invalid.

d) Seller may change the provisions stated in this terms of use at any time. These changes will be published on the site periodically and be valid as of the date of publication. Each real person and legal entity who enables access to the site and provides service free of charge or by payment are deemed to already accept all changes implemented by seller in this terms of use.

e) Transactions (access, search and/or membership etc.) about the use of site are subject to be depending on terms of use without reservation.

2. General Provisions

The offer provided by seller can be changed at any time without any prior notice depending on the discretion of seller. Even though all kinds of technical hardware is provided to reflect the true image of Chelebi products in the site, various differences may occur depending on color settings of personal computers of user. Therefore the seller will not be held responsible for any error or mistake that may arise. User is entitled to contact Customer Services Department from info@chelebi.com.tr address in any problem they may have about product and/or site usage.

b) Order confirmation of user means the user accepts these terms of use. All orders can be made online from Chelebi site. All kinds of shopping made by user constitutes a binding agreement between the user and seller. The user places a binding order for all of his/her shopping cart upon clicking on “Purchase” button in the website. The order cannot be canceled after this stage except the faults stated in terms of use.

c) The user is informed with an e-mail after placing the order. This e-mail does not mean there is an agreement between seller and user. The agreement becomes valid after the order is accepted or the products are available for delivery.

d) It means that the order is accepted when the products are made ready for delivery by seller. Seller saves its right to reject the order given by user without indicating any reason.

e)The order will be accepted conditionally when the parts of the product(s) are provided incorrectly and/or imperfectly to seller.

This article is drawn up for providing a binding between user and seller against the problems which may arise due to the mistake of sub-contractor of seller without any omission of the seller. Seller will show a reasonable effort to provide the products. If the products cannot be provided, Chelebi must notify the user as soon as possible and pay the amount paid by user back.

f)The agreement formed upon the order having a legal bindingness will be sent to user with terms of use through e-mail. Data recorded by the website are deemed as evidence of all transactions implemented between Chelebi and users. In the event of an objection that may arise about a transaction over website between seller and user, data recorded by Chelebi may be used by seller as undeniable evidence of the aforementioned transaction.

3. Property Rights

A) The property of ordered products belongs to seller until a full payment is made.

B) If the agreement is infringed on the account of user (payment problems, information forgery about credit card payments, bankruptcy case on behalf of user etc.) seller has the right to withdraw from the agreement and user undertakes to send all products delivered to him/her.

C) All products are prepared for delivery under the name of property right. Seller saves its property right over products and/or services until the payment is made in full.

D) Information accessed within this website and/or duly provided by users are taken under license by seller. Design, text, image, html code and other codes included in the website are subject to copyrights and cannot be reproduced, processed, distributed, exhibited and sold by user.

E) Unless it is explicitly authorized by seller within this “Terms of Use”, Chelebi reserves all of its rights for its services, information, studies over copyrights, trademarks, commercial appearance or other assets and information provided via this website.

4. Prices and Payment

A) Prices of products can be changed without any prior notice. Seller is completely free to determine value added tax (VAT) of service and deductions to be made, the prices of products and/or services provided over website.

B) In respect of long distance agreements: Additional cargo fees can be applied when and if determined within cargo and delivery fees. User must pay this fee in addition to taxes of products ordered.

(C) If there is any price error or incorrect product information due to writing faults or system faults, Chelebi reserves its right to cancel the orders given by incorrect information without charging any liability on customer even after order confirmation or shipment notice is taken.

5. Payment Methods and Cargo Fees

a) The user has the right to make his/her payments over credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express via iPara. The customer can choose one of the iPara options and also make cash payments over account number.

b) Credit Card payments are collected in Turkish Lira. (Dollar and Euro payments will be converted over daily exchange rate of Central Bank).

c) Shipping fees are calculated as total delivery fees of seller.

6. Shipping

A) All deliveries are made via Yurtiçi Kargo / Loomis insurance .

B) Unless the otherwise stated, VAT is included in all prices.

C) Shipping and delivery are free of charge. Shipping fee may change in international shipments. Also, in returned products, seller reserves its right to demand from user to pay the required shipping fee for seller in the event that the product does not meet the provisions stated in Return Conditions.

D)Seller is liable from the problems that may arise in the stock related to selected products to be ordered. The user is informed about the possible delays that may be experienced according to stock status of the product and an estimated delivery date is notified to him/her.

E) Seller is entitled to cargo the products separately if deemed reasonable. In such cases, user benefit is considered and delivery requires no additional cost.

f) User undertakes the risks (loss, theft or damage) that may occur about the products transported by cargo companies except Yurtiçi Kargo Loomis insurance. This also applies to delivery and delivery date.

G) The liability of damage and loss that may occur beginning from the ordered product exits from the stock belongs to cargo. If the user accepts the cargo via the contracted cargo company, the cargo is deemed to be completed when the products are delivered. Thus when user receives the cargo, he/she is liable to control it at the door. Damage, loss of defect detected during package control must be stated in a report by cargo officer and the package must not be accepted. All liability passes to user after the package is delivered.

H) Seller is not held liable for negative effects and delays arising from force majeure such as weather conditions, problems arising from transporting company or the fact that buyer is not found in their address.

7. Right of Change and Return

A) If the user is a real person and ordered without having a commercial purpose, the rights stated in Return Conditions and Terms are protected by seller.

B) Seller is liable to inform user about the delay that may occur on the estimated delivery date. Delivery period is extended in defects that may occur in the process depending on supplier. User has the right to send his/her return request (if any) to seller within 14 days (through e-mail, fax or letter) after receiving the products.

C) Return process begins upon the user sending an online return form to seller. But the product must be delivered to seller for putting the user request into process. For the products with various amounts, the process begins with the arrival of the first product to seller. For the process to be implemented in an effective way, the user is liable to send the product to the address stated below according to the provisions:



Barbaros Mahallesi, Tunali Hilmi Caddesi Kugulu Is Merkezi B Blok

2. Kat 123 /143 06680

Çankaya / Ankara / Türkiye

Tel: +90 312 426 28 92

E-Mail: info@chelebi.com.tr

D) The liability of risk (damage, loss etc.) that may occur during the return process belongs to user. If the product is used personally for commercial purposes, the user is liable to indemnify the seller.

E) Cargo fee of the products during return process is paid by user. Seller does not accept return packages without seal and/or missing seal and return process cannot be implemented for those products.

F) Return process is carried out within 2-4 days after the request has arrived to seller.

G) Seller is liable to conclude money return or change request within 30 days after the return request is put into process. Seller is entitled to reject the request after investigating whether the returned products are original and unused.

H) Return request does not include custom made, altered or deformed products.For detailed information, please read ReturnConditions and Terms.

8. Guarantee

A) It is deemed that the user has previously read and accepted all information about the product from amongst the ones offered for sale in Chelebi website.

b) Products included in website are offered for sale with their certificates under Chelebi guarantee.

c) Guarantee period of products is 2 (two) years. Guarantee has been issued according to product care instructions which include all products and is published in the website. Products out of the provisions stated by seller (deformed due to inconvenient storage conditions; crushed and smashed as the result of wrong handling, deformed due to contact with any chemical material) are not included within the scope of guarantee. Limitations above are not applied to cases such as death, bodily injury and/or conditions injurious to health.

d) Seller reserves its right to exclude the product from the scope of guarantee after determining that product has been processed by person and organizations other than Chelebi (size arrangement, size change, repair etc.).

E) Change or repair decision about the product belong to seller. Seller is entitled to reject the repairs with high cost by considering unjust treatment to customer. In the problems arising from supplier, seller invoices the amount related to the aforementioned process to supplier.

F) If the repairs are insufficient, user has the right to demand a refund of money. When there are small defects – by considering mutual interests – user undertakes that he/she will not demand any right.

G) Seller is liable to inform the user after required investigations on defective products.

H)User undertakes to inform the seller about the defective product and return the product as soon as possible. User, is liable to control whether the product is damaged or not by opening the cargo package before receiving the shipment and receive the product if there is no damage (fracture, smash and deformation); have a report written by cargo officer by not receiving the shipment if there is any damage. Seller will make necessary investigations in the shipment with report and send a briefing e-mail to user by considering the status of user.

İ)Commercial statement of product is the only binding criteria about product quality. Advertisement products, third party references, public comments etc. do not constitute any binding.

J)Unless otherwise stated, seller does not guarantee any legal bindingness with the user.

9. Limitations of Liabilities

Limitation of liabilities is applied to obligatory breaches of seller, suppliers and legal representatives. Seller will not be held liable against user in the cases occurring due to usage or the content of website. Seller cannot be held liable from any indirect, special and/or indirect damage. Commercial damage, income, contract, trade relation loss or data loss are not within the scope of seller’s liability. These limitations of liabilities will also continue to apply even though a probable damage is notified explicitly.

Seller is not held liable from other limitations of liabilities of contract.

10. Confidentiality

a)User data is under legal protection by seller.

b)User is deemed to accept that his/her data can be stored by website by benefiting from services in this website and/or accessing to website by any means. Seller is liable to keep user data confidential. When necessary, the volume of transmitted data can be limited to a minimum level.

c)The right to monitor, correct, delete and/or prevent personal data of user when necessary is under the guarantee of seller. Personal data can be completely deleted from database upon the request of user. User can request information by sending an e-mail to service@chelebi.com.tr address about the use of personal data. Deletion of personal data is prevented by seller if it is not deemed to comply with user agreement. For more information you can click here and read Policy of Confidentiality.

11. Changes in Terms of Use of Website

Seller can change these terms of use at any time in its own discretion. The amended provisions of these terms of use shall be valid beginning from the date they are announced.

Terms of use are deemed to be accepted and enters into force when user has no objections within 2 (two) weeks after being published.

12. Policy of Confidentiality

Please read our complete Policy of Confidentiality carefully before using this website. When you navigate in this website or send information via this website, you will accept that you information to be gathered, processed and stored as stated in Policy of Confidentiality.

CHELEBI processes your personal information according to Law of Protection of Personal Data.

Personal information category processed by CHELEBI

•            Your contact information – name, surname, mail address, mobile number or landline telephone number, if any, your e-mail address

•            Your IP address

•            Your purchase details including payment method and transaction number

•            The date of your order

•            Customer service information – all kinds of communication and correspondence between you and our customer service department

•            Additional identification information can be requested in exceptional cases to confirm your identity.

•            Your photograph, video etc. that you share with us if you stated that you would like to participate to our draws, campaigns or other activities.

•            CHELEBI reserves its right to send invitations to all of its customers for participating to satisfaction surveys. Participation to survey is optional.

•            CHELEBI does not process and/or keep data in your bank cards or other finance instruments.

Legality of Transactions

•            CHELEBI processes your personal information required to carry out your purchase agreement.

•            CHELEBI processes your personal information as required by complying with the requirements of tax, finance or other local legislation.

We put your personal information into process for the purposes below:

•            Accurate and right implementation and delivery of your order.

•            To establish an accurate and right communication with you about the status of the order.

•            To provide guarantee of products within guarantee period

•            For customer satisfaction and loyalty programs

•            For the requirements of tax and accounting – to declare and count our sales.

•            In exceptional cases, CHELEBI can process additional identity information of yours to prevent financial fraud or identity theft.

•            In exceptional cases, can put additional information into process such as photograph, video etc. if the customers participate to various campaigns

and draws.

•            Personal information are only used if customers approves – for the purpose of sending newsletter and promotion material.

Period of Personal Data Storage:

CHELEBI stores your personal information that you have given during registry for the time your account remains active.

CHELEBI keeps your personal information during the period stated for product guarantee and return in Return Conditions in addition to the period required for the production and delivery of products; this period does not exceed the guarantee period of product.

If we require additional information to confirm your identity, these information will be kept until the obligatory situation related to storage of information is eliminated.

In the events of gathering information for campaign, draw or other promotions, processing period of information will be stated in campaign conditions.

Potential buyers of your personal information:

CHELEBI does not share your personal information with other parties and organizations unless it is legally obligatory or a part of operational obligations stated below:

CHELEBI provides your name, address and telephone number to cargo company delivering your product.

In exceptional cases, CHELEBI can confirm your personal information from payment procuring organizations to prevent financial fraud or identity theft.

CHELEBI can share personal information of its customers with related governmental authorities in the direction of its financial and tax liabilities when necessary.

Your Rights As The Owner of Personal Data : :

•            To access your personal information processed by CHELEBI and get a copy of them.

•            In the events that you believe that it is not necessary for them to be kept stored anymore for the purposes of gathering and processing, to request

your personal information to be deleted (right to be forgotten). This right cannot be used if it is explicitly stated that the personal information to be

stored for a specific period and in the direction of legal obligations.

•            To demand personal information be corrected if they are inaccurate or not compromising with truth.

•            To use the rights stated above, send your request to our communication page as e-mail message or an e-mail to our service@chelebi.com.tr address.

We will shortly be contacting you.

•            If you think that your rights are being breached at any time, to apply for a complaint to the auditing organization stated below.

Our recommendations related to protection of your personal information:

•            Keep your password in a safe place and do not share it with third parties.

•            If your use a computer open to everybody’s access (for example in a library or internet cafe), make sure that you got logged of your account before

closing the computer.

•            CHELEBI guarantees not to communicate to third parties about your order, except the ones stated in this policy of confidentiality.

•            CHELEBI guarantees that it will not request from its customers to share their passwords used for accessing the website with itself. CHELEBI will not

demand from its customers to disclose information about bank accounts or other financial instruments. If such request is made to you via telephone,

live chat or e-mail, it must be ignored.

If you get such requests, please contact with CHELEBI immediately.

How do we keep your personal information?

CHELEBI warrants that they use physical, administrative and technical measures determined to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, usage or disclosure.

CHELEBI adapted ethical rules in its structure about processing of personal information and our employees have been trained about protection of personal information.

We secure our website and other systems by taking technical and corporate measures against loss, destruction, access, change or distribution of your information by third parties. It is not possible to provide 100% protection against all threats even though implementing regular controls.

Who is responsible for processing your personal information?

All legal entities within the structure of CHELEBI are acting as joint auditors within the scope of Law of Protection of Personal Data.

All legal entities within the structure of CHELEBI process personal data of our customers according to the agreement between them. Same type of personal information are gathered from our customers in every country and these information are only processed in the direction of purposes stated in Policy of Confidentiality. CHELEBI guarantees that all companies take the same technical and administrative measures to protect personal information.