In product return procedures, the conditions stated in Law of Protection of Consumer Rights number 6502 are applied.

CHELEBI applies right of withdrawal with legal period of 14 days in the same method. Buyers has the right to withdraw within 14 days provided that the conditions stated in Conditions of Return page of CHELEBI . To use this right, the withdrawal decision must be notified to www.chelebi.com.tr within the aforementioned 14 days.

Consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal in products which has been made custom by making additions or changes or produced according to special request and demands of the consumer. Thus, all products which are produced in the direction of consumer’s request with writing on gold, valuable metal or gemstone part are included in the products for which right of withdrawal cannot be used.

You can use customer relations contact form or send an e-mail to service@chelebi.com.tr address for notification. If you implement return procedure without taking an approval from https://www.chelebi.com.tr, your return procedure will not be accepted and your shipment will not be received. For the orders you want to return, you need to send the product, invoice, certificate, insurance forms, product box, package and all other documents and materials exactly as sent to you in full to the address which we will notify to you.

Customer, who implements the procedure of return, is liable from deformation occurring in the product and documents and materials accompanying the product or any kind of similar value decreasing event with the reasons arising from cargo companies or the customer who implements the return procedure.

VAT and, if any, other legal liabilities of products sent without original invoice will not be returned.

After the return is received, the experts investigate whether return conditions are fulfilled or not. If the return procedure is approved, the purchase money is returned to the credit card if the order has been placed by using credit card, and to bank account if it was placed via transfer/EFT within 30 days. In the returns implemented by consumer by using right of withdrawal, the return procedure is implemented by deducting the service fee and the amounts paid to cargo company by seller for delivery of the aforementioned product. The amount returned to your credit card can be seen in your account within 1-4 weeks.