In CHELEBI we work by prioritizing customer satisfaction and high quality products. If your are not satisfied from our jewelery for any reason, you can return the product within 14 days if it conforms with return conditions.

Please carefully read this page before sending a product back to us.


CHELEBI jewelery are manufactured with a great precision and in high quality, thus we support our products with a long guarantee period.

(Our guarantee period is 2 years ) All CHELEBI jewelery are provided with Producer Guarantee. If there is any production error in the product you have purchased, CHELEBI will repair your product if it complies with guarantee conditions.

All repair requests are investigated by our Quality Control Team before starting repair process. If our Quality Control Team is of the opinion that the damage has occurred not by the producer but other reasons, this information is notified to you and if it is deemed appropriate paid repairing process is initiated.

Conditions of Guarantee

1. Guarantee only includes the errors during production stage and is not applied to disruptions due to accident, misuse, neglect or external factors.

2. If the product has incurred an external interference (a person or company other than CHELEBI), it is not included in the scope of guarantee.

3. If any part of the product (gem, chain, clip etc.) has fallen, these parts must be sent to CHELEBI with the jewelery for repairing process. CHELEBI is not held liable for lost parts.

4. Guarantee cannot be transferred to any third person or an organization.

Manufacturer Guarantee does not include the ones stated below:

•            Color changes as the result of incurring chemical materials

•            Scratches, smashes and fractions as the result of misuse

•            Clamps causing the gem to fall as the result of dented, worn gems due to misuse and negligent use.

•            Lost or stolen gem(s)

•            Product incurred misuse

The cases below are characteristic features of the product and must not be deemed as a deterioration:

•            Small change or differences in craftsmanship or design

•            Natural characteristics of metal or gem (color, small defects…etc.)


You can send your jewelery back to CHELEBI for money refund, length change or repair request. For that, we only want you to fill our return form and attach one copy of this form to the package that you send along with the product.

For an easy and fast return process, please state your reason to send the product back accurately and fill in the necessary areas in the form. If you do not fill the necessary areas, the product that you send will not be taken into processing.

An approval mail will be sent to you along with the address to which you will send the product after you have filled the online form. Please take a copy of this form and attach to the package. Please remember that your return request will be processed according to the information that you send online. Notes by hand writing on printed copy of return form will not be taken into consideration.

Please carefully pack your product / products before delivering the shipment. Our advice to you is to send the product back to us with an insured (safe) and trackable cargo method. We recommend you to use insured shipment system that we are also using (Loomis Small Package Shipment +90 212 603 19 65). CHELEBI is not held liable from loss or damage that may occur during shipment of the returned product. (In this case the whole damage will be compensated by Loomis Security Services).

When the customer returns the product, cargo fee will be paid by customer. CHELEBI will not be held liable for this fee.

Please return the products to the address stated below:


Barbaros Mahallesi, Tunali Hilmi Caddesi Kugulu Is Merkezi B Blok

2. Kat No:123/143

06680 Çankaya / Ankara


When the returned product is received by us, your request will be taken into process along with the product within 2 – 4 days.

Important Note: Before taking the requests into processing, the returned products are investigated by our Quality Control Team. As the result of this investigation, if necessary or due to status of product, additional costs may be charged. After investigating the product, if you are charged with any fee, we will inform you before the procedure.

You can reach us and ask your questions or convey your requests to us by sending us an e-mail via or by calling us from the number +90 312 426 28 92. Our customer representatives will gladly help you.

Please read the information below carefully before sending your product back for money refund, length change or repair request.

Products which are purchased by the loan identified to the account of CHELEBI can only be returned for the same loan and is not processed for money refund. This loan cannot be converted into cash, transferred to other or used for services such as express cargo and length change fee.


Money refund is carried out only in the events stated below:

•            The product must not have any indication of use (scratch, defect or any damage arising from use).

•            Return is not accepted in products to which writing (engraving) is applied. (Whether te product is having CHELEBI logo or not does not prevent product return procedure).

•            If the original seal is broken, return procedure is not accepted (All of our jewelery is sent as connected to a seal (thread) Please make sure that this seal is not broken.)

•            The jewelery must be sent in full, that is, exactly they were sent to you (product, invoice, dispatch note, certificate, insurance forms, product box, package and all other documents and materials all together).

•            Return is not accepted for the products with a procedure applied such as length change, shortening etc.

•            If your jewelery is a personalized order, it cannot be returned.

•            Jewelery must be returned within 14 days after the delivery.

Return fee will be sent to you via payment method that you have used on original order. (Shipment costs are not included in this amount). The deposit procedure of money refund by us to your bank may take up to 10 business days depending on your bank.


You have a right to make free change on your ring size within 14 days after the delivery of product. Custom or changed products (special orders designed and/or manufactured according to customer’s instruction) are not suitable for free length change.

Please note that the rings are subject to the length change in ring size range presented in CHELEBI website. Special design rings (custom made orders designed and/or manufactured according to personal requests of customer) are not included in the scope of free length change.

Length change procedure is only valid to change the length of the ring. The width or thickness of the ring cannot be changed.

If you send the product back for length change, please fill our return form and follow up the steps stated in there during the process. You need to send your products for which you would like to have a length change procedure without materials such as certificate and product box. If these materials are not delivered to you after length change, CHELEBI is not held liable about it.

Please make sure that your product did not have any length change procedure by a person or another jewelery store other than CHELEBI, otherwise this will make your Guarantee invalid.

During length change process, the conclusion of your requests may last up to 15 business days due to the product.


If you send the product back for repairs, please fill our return form and follow up the steps stated in there during the process. You need to send the aforementioned products to us in its own product box, except the certificate. If these materials are not delivered to you after repair process, CHELEBI is not held liable about it.

Please note that that repairing process may last up to 15 business days.