The jewelery adventure of Erkan Çelebi, the founder and creative director of the CHELEBI brand, started with "La Marca", which he founded in 1998 in Ankara. With this brand, it has produced many products and collections in a short time and brought them to jewelery users.

In the following years, it created joint collections with other companies and increased its awareness in the sector. These collections, which he took out, evolved into their present form and were collected under the roof of CHELEBI in 2007. With its product quality and distinctive designs, it has attracted the attention of jewelry lovers.

CHELEBI; It manufactures its jewels within its own structure and under its control, starting from its design to its final form, and completing a significant part of it with hand work. CHELEBI has many collections produced only with classical jewelry techniques (completely handcrafted).

The journey of jewels, which begins with dreams, is brought to perfection with the excitement and care of talented designers and expert jewelery masters.

CHELEBI; With the excitement of the first day, it continues to produce distinctive jewelery that its customers can enjoy for years.